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February 02, 2012

Edgewater, Chicago

July 2022. Back to Lake Michigan shore lands.

Nov 2021 Spirit (Devil’s) Lake WI, SW Michigan, and N Indiana

Nov 2020: Mapping woods farmland etc around 1st Knobstone Trail IN, 2nd

Friends near Avoca WI and near a cottage we stay in in SW MI. (Feb 2020) thinking of working on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin.(incomplete 11/2020) “ =================================The CDT================= Finished the by creating a thing I call “Divide Trails North America” so that it could appear red (IWN International Walking Network) on I maintain, with others, that the current categories may work for Europe but do not work for the U.S. - I advocate for: LWN (local) up to 10 km trails, RWN (regional) 10-100 km, NWN (“national”) 100-1000 km and IWN (“international”) over 1000 km in length. That would be 1-6 miles and 6 to 62, and 62-620 and over 620 miles. (11/2020)

Jan/Feb 2018 creating relations for the Continental Divide Trail in New Mexico/Colorado. I have hiked around 500 miles of the trail over about 7 years.

The CDT is in reality a number of possible routes. I use the CDT Coalition interactive route as “official”. Alternate routes also added as per CDTC and Ley.

The below was undone as it was not an appropriate “thing” to have mapped. Late 2019.

====Lake Michigan Circle Tour LMCT============================ Created Relation and added alternates. “Officialish” route a combination of and Michigan and Illinois USBRS [This work was complained about as being “unofficial” and downgraded. But a lot is still in place as relations not part of any network.] ============================

Notes to myself: Drainage and creek at Robinson/Flynn Woods– Where intermittent become all year SW Michigan.— Doubtful road White fence farm on elm valley rd and then to South Swark Rd with big pond between on EV road— MTB trail between pine rows in Chikaming twp park— x