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closed 3700762 wardmuylaert

Looked like some apartment area got added (or at least some change to the layout?)

open 3522425 wardmuylaert

Some trails in Warwick County Park can be mapped as relation routes. Would make it look better on apps/websites that display those such as waymarkedtrails. See the park's website ( and the map they provide (

closed 3797471 wardmuylaert

There is supposed to be a looping trail in this forest area that connects back to art school road further west of here. I have a picture of a map of trails in this area, but cannot make out enough details on the picture. Needs to be surveyed.

closed 3522345 wardmuylaert

Aerial imagery seems to indicate hints of an informal path + an opening in the fence here which would connect the trail to the residential roads just south of it. To be surveyed.

closed 3778180 wardmuylaert

There are paths heading into this forest, though whoever manages it wants to stop people from using them: there are branches placed across the paths. Map as disused paths or just not map at all? Would need some GPS surveying.

closed 3776795 wardmuylaert

There's a foot path here that, I think, connects Park Lane to Georgia Lane. Need to survey with some GPS.

closed 4090761 wardmuylaert

GRB heeft dit huis als Schaapbroekhoef 13 ipv Oude Baan 99. Wat zegt het op het huis / hoe duid je een oud of alternatief adres aan.

closed 3797472 wardmuylaert

There was a marker for a "River Birch Trail". Might just be a little path along the river for a few 100m.

open 4057339 wardmuylaert

According to the PA DCNR maps there are a few unmarked trails in this forest. Would need some GPS tracing and finding out whether access is allowed.

closed 3797473 wardmuylaert

There was a bridge-to-bridge trail marker on the pikeland road side parking lot. Is that this path to Clover Mill Road.

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