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new year almost 2 years ago

what a shitty year:(

new year over 2 years ago


One year older over 5 years ago


Milý deníčku almost 12 years ago

treba ze budes mit narozeniny za 2 dny:)

I'm in the top 50! over 13 years ago

I have 330mb of tracks, i'll upload them someday, I hope!:) (2177289 points)

The Relationship Company launches office in Dallas, TX over 13 years ago

can spam have coordinates?:)

Help needed - Messy coast line with joiming river deltas about 14 years ago

use waterway=riverbank for tagging large rivers, it is used for areas and better than natural=water.

continued to map the beautiful island Ibiza. about 14 years ago

Hi, roundabouts deserves their highway tags:) I have added some.