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"Stopped here in Jan 2019. Very polite and considerate owner. Restful, with sound of distant goat bells faintly rising up from the wadi (valley). Binoculars were made available and Yassir described ancient greek ruins near the valley floor. It's a small self-built rest stop next to the King's Highway, which latter is popular with self-drive visitors. Tea and biscuits were served and there were a couple of small tables with trinkets (old silver, semi-precious stones, ancient coins etc). How old/ancient is up to the visitor to decide, and how much to buy!"
POI name: Yassir al Amrum
POI types: amenity-cafe
OSM data version: 2019-01-13T09:03:02Z

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POI name: Besio
POI types: wheelchair-limited amenity-bar
OSM data version: 2017-07-28T09:42:02Z

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