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open 2889812 sjb1001

This name is incorrect. This lane is Tatlers Lane

3 months ago 2 days ago
closed 2734390 Mikey Co

As part of the junction redesign (see nearby note) there is a horse crossing (I think) here now, but again until the satellite images are updated, it's hard to correct

7 months ago 15 days ago
closed 2734389 Mikey Co

This junction and section of road has been redesigned with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. I've put in a basic pedestrian crossing, but it will be easier to do this properly when the satellite imagery is updated

7 months ago 15 days ago
closed 410911

info_board? Looks like a tag escaped from the information point at the bridge a few metres to the east. From adjacent names, looks like it should be River Mimram

over 6 years ago 9 months ago
closed 946506 Steve Rice

There is a path from this point to Harwell close directly North you can see it on the satellite view

almost 5 years ago 11 months ago
closed 947488 Steve Rice

There are paths around all 4 sides of Hyde Green following the edge of the grass

almost 5 years ago 11 months ago
closed 1152487

The area called Hyde Green has a path around All 4 sides please correct the map

over 4 years ago 11 months ago
closed 2183218 hemasvn

I have changed the road classification based on internal driver feedback. As there is a board here stating rear gate and access to the entities is through Aston Lane. If any local mapper has information regarding this place, please tag it accordingly or please let me know, I will make the edits.

over 1 year ago about 1 year ago
closed 1436232 Robert Whittaker

There are two post offices mapped on this rough about 50m apart: and . Presumably only one is correct. Which one?

over 3 years ago about 1 year ago
closed 1234674

Wong's has closed and the building converted to private housing. Was the old Green Dragon Inn.

about 4 years ago about 1 year ago

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