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What’s in a name? What should HOT’s new regional hubs be called... over 2 years ago

Chiming on Bo’s suggestion, OpenDataHub or OpenMapHub sound good.

Mappy McMapHub is out of the question, then. Consider me not suggesting it.

10 Year OSM Usiversary almost 3 years ago

Cheers Russ. Glad that our paths have crossed.

Sad day for VGI in Turkey over 3 years ago

Mikel, there are speculations, but we don’t have a clear sense on its reason. It may be that an EU compatibility adjustment law gone wrong.

Zverik, the law mentions individuals as well as companies. There was already laws regulating spatial data production, and making them being subject to approval from the General Directorate of Mapping. You also needed to have a permit to perform street-level imagery collection. This law, different from what you’ve shared, mentions individuals as well as the mapping companies. So, the not-maps like OSM also falls in this definition.

Mikel, as far as I’ve heard (and they are all non-confirmable rumours so far) the law was not passed with OSM in mind, and OSM is not against a threat. But if practiced at its full extent, individuals contributing to OSM, and the OSMF itself might be subject to fines due to the production and sharing of the data falling inside the national spatial data definitions.