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open 3795717 torchlight7

Around this area, there are a lot of undescribed points given pole numbers in the name field. These points should be set as utility poles and the numbers be put in the correct locations.

closed 2608909 Recoil16

Location of post office is seemingly wrong.

closed 1312985 florinbadita_telenav

Possible typo. Is either 'Gatchell Rd SE' or 'Gatchel Rd SE' spelled wrong?

closed 1769547

Could anyone please confirm that this street is called Central Avenue and not Canal Street?

closed 2575839 Cuann

This is Canal Street

via StreetComplete 29.1

closed 1312988 florinbadita_telenav

Possible typo. Is either 'Beckel Ave' or 'Becker Ave' spelled wrong?

closed 1810224 AdamPlayer

Subdivision Name?

closed 1810225 AdamPlayer

Details and tracks need added to this landscaping supply company

closed 1810226 AdamPlayer

Twisted olive building and surrounding area need to be added

open 3794986 torchlight7

Mount Pleasant (TR7) closed & Mayfair/Pittsburg with detour via Orion for construction of roundabout. Construction projected to finish November/December 2023.

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