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open 3582750 toblerone_1

Open daily 7am-4pm

closed 3523256 toblerone_1

apartment complex has been demolished at this site, new buildings currently under construction

closed 3523255 toblerone_1

gas station service roads could be mapped more cleanly

closed 3042030 toblerone_1

163 cradit farm - add address
(change cradit farm road - Cradit Farm Drive)

closed 3523284 toblerone_1

incodema inc has relocated to NY-79 @ 1920 Slaterville Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850

closed 3523259 toblerone_1

missing building areas for houses on this block and surrounding blocks

closed 3523279 toblerone_1

Legal Assistance of Western New York poi missing

closed 3523285 toblerone_1

incodema 3d poi missing

closed 3038360 toblerone_1

add parking lot/drive thru

closed 3036041 toblerone_1

Freese Road bridge closed indefinitely to MV traffic, still open to cyclists and pedestrians, replacement proceedings in progress.

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