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closed 1468903 mhenson

check under road, navigation does circles

closed 2891089 midnightcomm

star ucks

closed 3566228

South of roughly here is a 45 zone

closed 2825713 archpdx

Missing road name

closed 291579


closed 3382767 thatoneiowan

the ramps in this interchange and also the east split have ramp letters on this document from... 2018. google streetview doesn't seem to have ramp letters though so will need to see what is actually signed.{1903c90b-6a51-4d53-9121-5f2df8604158}&ExternalFormID=&ExternalInstanceID=&ExternalLinkID=&fromViewer=

closed 3394289

Big shed. No name on bldg. Trucks in gated parking area but I can't read with just eyesight. Need zoom camera

closed 3394294

Another Morton bldg no name. 465 addr

closed 3394291

Big shed truck had 5156695470 ph# parked inside.

closed 3394296

No business name. Addr 405

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