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open 1922574 paulCIA

Yeah this little area doesn't make a whole lot of sense. There is an actual street sign that says "Elmwood Ct", but these 427-444 lots are indeed according to the County and Township on "Elmwood Road North", presumably to avoid confusion with "North Elmwood Road" in their own records. Evesham Township itself calls this "Elmwood Road", so idk, out of Elmwood Ct, Elmwood Road North, North Elmwood Road, and Elmwood Road what to call this, roll the d20?

closed 2895103 techdude1996

Do any of these trails have names or designations?

closed 3122010 techdude1996

Change Railroad Avenue to Trestle Avenue (Per official Tax Maps & property addresses)

closed 2128113

This is Deerpark Court, not Fir Tree

closed 2128110

This is actually Fir Tree Court

closed 3099539 techdude1996

A.C. Moore is no longer there. Replaced by Sportsman's Warehouse.

closed 3099543 techdude1996

Modell's Sporting Goods is no longer there. Replaced by Harbor Freight Tools.

closed 3120978 techdude1996

Alignment of Quiet Rd & Serene Ln are off.

closed 3121156 techdude1996

Entire road is Meeting House Circle, not Drive.

closed 1189515 florinbadita_telenav

Shreeve or Shreve Street what is the street name ?

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