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Mapping Houses in Palm Beach, Australia about 1 year ago

I agree with ConsEbt, do join the list, there was even a conversation started recently by Graeme about working on notes in the GC:

Might be worth it also asking and investigating another compatible data sources to add local addresses in one go, not sure if that’s been discussed already with council.

In any case, thanks for your work!

A Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic Offensive Behaviour in the OSM Community. (Updated) over 2 years ago

This is very justified. I logged in to comment and make sure you know that many support this statement, and that the negative comments above should be a thing of the past. (Let me have a guess: the person who “disagrees with almost every single statement” is… not part of the minorities defended here.)

I have signed and will share it widely. Thank you for your work putting this much needed work together.

Beware: version 3.14 (and earlier) of OsmAnd for iOS moves OSM POIs without telling you over 2 years ago

The issue described here was fixed: It is now available in the 3.80 release, so everyone using OsmAnd to edit OSM data should update ASAP. I just tested it and it does not round the coordinates anymore:

Joined OpenStreetMap over 2 years ago

Welcome here! Good on you for joining! I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do :) All the best!

Beware: version 3.14 (and earlier) of OsmAnd for iOS moves OSM POIs without telling you over 2 years ago

@SimonPoole the changeset key “created_by” does get tagged with “OsmAnd Maps 3.xx”, so it could be done. You can see it by using the “Editor” tag in OSMCha.

Other world projections about 6 years ago

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing! :)

Points of interests in Bundaberg CBD almost 8 years ago

Great work, mate! Good to see some motivated people in QLD :)

The order/thinking/philosphy/system of OSM tags? about 8 years ago

Hopefully at some stage we will have some kind of redirecting system for tags, so changes can be made gradually without breaking anything. That’s my hopeful contribution to the discussion.

Mapeando la ciudad de Trelew. Argentina. about 8 years ago

Hola, bienvenido y gracias por implicarte! :)

First OpenStreetMap classes in Ayacucho, Peru over 8 years ago

This is great! Felicitaciones, me alegro mucho que haya tanta actividad en Perú, hasta en más pequeñas ciudades como Ayacucho. Buena continuación para todos!

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus over 8 years ago

Great, looking forward to trying it. Woud it be possible to add it to the F-Droid repos (if it is open source) ?


Premières impressions en tant que Contributeur OSM over 8 years ago

Pour ce qui est des éditeurs, je te conseille JOSM, c’est ce qu’il y a de mieux selon moi. Plus rapide que ID sur ma machine, plein de fonctions utiles, prends un petit peu de temps à prendre en main mais ça vaut vraiment le coup. En plus, il est très activement développé, donc ça s’améliore chaque moi. Et si tu veux éditer sur une tablette ou un smartphone, Vespucci est très bien.

Wiki loves monuments - OpenStreetMap, too! over 8 years ago

Brilliant, thanks for the tips! :)

Changing the real world to map the renderer.... over 8 years ago

brilliant :)

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Appli mobile OpenBeerMap disponible sur Firefox OS et Android over 8 years ago

Woohoo ! Je vais essayer ça tout de suite, et ça va surement me pousser à mettre à jour les infos des bars où je vais à Brisbane.

Merci !

Upcoming Vespucci 0.9.5 release over 8 years ago

Very exciting! Thanks for the hard work! now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe over 8 years ago

Great work Richard, it looks amazing!

I just can’t get any tooltips to explain to me what the buttons are for (on Firefox 30.0).

Keep up the great work.

Making OSM more widely known over 8 years ago

Good to read about your experience. I might do just that next time this happens! Good way to advertise!

I don’t think mentioning Google Maps is necessary either, as it is not a great thing to be compared to them for different reasons. I believe they are two pretty similar-looking projects but they have different aims and uses.

An alternative to /export over 8 years ago

Great work, thanks for that! We need more of those!