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open 2652830 ssterling_

Old topo maps: Coxcamp Run

closed 2641035 ssterling_

“??? Service Center” – wind noise screwed up the recording; can’t figure out name of this place

closed 2657898 ssterling_

Track continues

open 2385991 ssterling_

Seating area here: how to tag?

open 2615405 ssterling_

At what point does CR 20/67 stop? It’s only marked on the sign on Buckhannon Pike, and official maps don’t even list it as a county route

open 3231458 ssterling_

There’s an entire drive-thru with lane markings and everything, but GPS alone is too coarse to map this well; check this area out when new orthoimagery is released

closed 2417320 ssterling_

Is there even a bridge here?

closed 2489851


closed 2778419 ssterling_

Building is too new to have aerial imagery as of writing; this is just an approximate rectangle

open 3227567 ssterling_

Is this the right way to map this?? Both buildings are used by the church

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