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Pyongyang Cities: Skylines

Very impressive!

OpenStreetMap is in trouble

Great read! We should definitely be careful with contributions from large corporations, OpenStreetMap should remain in control of the OSMF and the community.

IHEUrgentAction Mapathon for Morocco and Libya

Ik heb deze mapathon gevonden op

IHEUrgentAction Mapathon for Morocco and Libya

Nice! Thanks so much for sharing. :)



Importing StreetSmArts Murals in San Francisco

Hey Jesse, thanks for the suggestion! I got started on adding the wiki pages but noticed the page title is “Key:cultural district” without an underscore in between cultural and district. Is there any way to fix this?

Removing quantity= tags from pitches in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hey LivingWithDragons,

I hadn’t considered that, it could definitely be the case. Thank you for your comment!

Do people map single tennis courts?

Hey SK53!

Despite this method being common, I think it’s inaccurate and not a good use of the leisure=pitch tag.

The same goal of making it easy for people to find places to play tennis can be achieved with a leisure=sports_centre tag. Mapping a sports centre as a sport centre is more accurate than mapping it as a tennis court. Along with the leisure=sports_centre tag the courts=* and sport=* tags can be used to signify the amount of courts and sports that are available at the centre.

The wiki page states that “Pitches may be contained within a larger landuse=recreation_ground, leisure=park, leisure=sports_centre, leisure=horse_riding, a specific sports field or a leisure=sports_hall”. The “How to map” section instructs mappers to draw pitches around the outline of the pitch.

Removing quantity= tags from pitches in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hey SK53!

I disagree, I don’t think the leisure=pitch tag was ever meant for more than one pitch, mapping each pitch individually is more accurate and makes the data more accessible. Say if someone were to try and find out how many tennis courts there are in San Francisco using overpass turbo without taking the quantity= tag into account. They’ll get an accurate result now, where as to before all those tennis courts that were mapped using one pitch area would’ve shown up as one court in the datamine. I’ve demonstrated said datamine here!

Removing quantity= tags from pitches in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hey mboeringa,

Great suggestion! I was under the impression that leisure=sports_centre was only used for buildings, I’ll start replacing the recreation ground tags soon.

Thank you for your comment! :)