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August 01, 2020

Hello. @snoozingnewt on discord

Finally updated this profile. Location is random.


All projects:

I’m the type to not finish and move on to something else.


  • Wichita County, KS Landuse - 60% complete? Not ongoing

  • Comanche County, KS Everything - ??? Complete. Barely going wiki, several osmus projects

  • LaGrange County, IN Landuse/Buildings. Not ongoing wiki osmus

  • McPherson County Buildings/Landuse - Not ongoing, but buildings done osmus

  • Williams County OH buildings/other (with Korgi1), sort of ongoing osmus

  • Dominican Republic Track Roads (should get back to this)

  • Turkey Maproulette no roads link (every so often)

  • Indiana All High Schools document by county

  • Yeji, Ghana Buildings (Ongoing)


  • Clay County Micromapping (not finished) osmus

  • Goa Roads Mapping (not finished) osmus

  • Chehalis/Centralia forest cleanup (finished) discord url

  • Newton County #IndianaSquares landuse/etc. mapping (not working on it anymore)

  • Ohio County, IN Forests (completed)

A couple of smaller ones not worth mentioning in detail as well (HOT validation in Guatemala, Nigeria, roads in Turkmenistan, landuse in Latvia, buildings in Tanzania, forests around WV-NY, and RapiD stuff sometimes. Thanks for reading all this!