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closed 4189132 smsm1

Unable to answer "What’s the surface here?" – Foot Path – via StreetComplete 57.1:

This area is under construction and inaccessible at the moment.

open 4193531 smsm1

looking from the ferry it looks as though there are 10 cycle stands, but I'm not totally sure from the distance

closed 4180537 smsm1

Unable to answer "What’s the house number of this building?" – Detached House – via StreetComplete 57.1:

This should be attached to the adjacent building

closed 83017 Chris Filip

Area is under construction in Bing (2012 imagery). Can someone please ground survey with GPS so we get the proper road lines in if the construction has finished?

closed 856899 smsm1

I'm not convinced this parking lot is a park and ride site. Does anyone local have more info/able to confirm?

closed 333583

The four bus stops labelled 'The Seal' are named after the pub, which was renamed 'The Duke of York' several years ago. Information on these stops appears to have come from an official source, and should, if possible, be updated from the same source. Failing that, I can manually rename these stops. Please advise. Richard132

closed 337870 smsm1

Power line has unlikely dual voltage of "400000;275000"

closed 1474416 smsm1

How does the platform join to the nearest road/path?

closed 408536 smsm1

Ajax Domestic Spares have moved to somewhere near here:

closed 955126 smsm1

Article in Ipswich Star on Friday April 7 2017 noting that this branch of Lloyds bank on Derby Road, Ipswich will close in August.

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