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AAARGH !!! Those Spammers !

The code for the RSS feed system is at

Missing Maps Mapathons as a recruiting instrument

Having run many mapping events in the past, I agree they are a not a great way of getting more people involved long term. However they can be a useful way for the current community to come together and collaborate in person. Most people just don’t get the point of why someone would want to spend time editing a map.

Over 2000 Schools mapped

If I didn’t have a toddler daughter needing attention then I’d probably be spending more time on OSM using tools such as this one.

Vespucci 0.9.8 Release

An opening hours editor is coming? That’s awesome news. I’m looking forward to using it.

A Suggestion to Fix Poor LSN in the UK

I presume town council is the same level as borough council. Example being Ipswich Borough Council.

Suburbs in Edinburgh have been getting areas, as the points were causing the geocoding to produce exceptionally weird results, which was causing people to stop using OSM based services such as CycleStreets.

A complete map

You have to be careful with heat maps as it may encourage people to simply touch OSM elements and not properly map, even so there’s no real change needed. Instead, there needs to be some form of “I’ve checked this, and it’s up to date”, without causing a lot of churn in the data.

JOSM for Mac?

I just use the Java webstart file to start JOSM on my Mac.

I download the .jnlp file from The nice thing about JNLP is that you automatically get updates to the software.

The Missing Mappers Problem?

According to I’ve made 67 change sets in the US so far. As I haven’t visited or had reason to edit in the US recently, it’s likely I’ll be one of the “missing” users. Could you re-run the stats worldwide to see how they compare?

OpenStreetBugs Phase out ... update

How about a progress bar for each country on some status web page?

using osm on a phone

If you narrow your browser window, you’ll find that it becomes the same as the mobile version as it already uses the window size to determine what to show and how big it should show.

Making OSM data mor compact

I hate landuse areas that are sharing nodes with other areas, as they are a nightmare to try and edit, as the editors, yes even JOSM have not yet found a good way to choose the object selected at the mouse click.

London Congestion Charging

I would have thought it would have been better to map the congestion charge zone in London as an area, which I thought it was at one point.

day 1 Old lines reboot (M&GN & GE)

You can take an export of the OSM data, process it by changing the tags to what you want for your purposes. You can also use downloads for example from GeoFabrik to style the data in the way that you wish for highlighting the data that you think is important. You can use tools like osmosis which allows you to filter the OpenStreetMap data so that you get out only the data that you have interest in.

Day 2

Are you aware that you can surface the data in OSM in different ways. For example ITO World (the company I work for) have a series of maps highlighting data that you don’t normally see on the map. The one of greatest interest to you is the Former Railways one:

You could create your own rendering of the data using TileMill or Mapnik as a means to show what you find interesting and fading out the less interesting map data.

We need to gamify

You may be interested in ITO World’s OSM Mapper where you can create areas and see who has been doing a lot of mapping in each area.

Shaun McDonald ITO World Developer

Amenity/shop with multiple housenumbers. How to map it?

Building entrances can be tagged with the entrance tag.

Hack Weekend at 10gen

I’ve fixed a few bits of data thanks to TrainLord.

Potlatch needs fixing

Doh, Potlatch as in the place.

Potlatch needs fixing

That’s the problem that you see with Potlatch?

Bike routes

It’s worth remember that what is in the active transportation plan may not be the same as on the ground.