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Mapper since:
April 08, 2019
Last map edit:
July 17, 2024

About Me

I focus on mapping various under represented areas on OpenStreetMap. While most larger cities and metropolitan areas are very well documented (seriously, the speed changed on Jan 1 in my urban area, and it was updated on OSM within 2 days), smaller towns and rural areas are not. While my focus is primarily in North Carolina, I will also map in various states provided I can find a good, reliable source of information.

I have a degree in GIS with an emphasis on remote sensing. I also have over 10+ years experience in reviewing and interpreting satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. I am use to working with and sorting through multiple and conflicting data sources to find the “truth.” Or at least as close to the truth as you can get without putting eyes on an area.


  • Wilson Co. NC
  • Small Towns (less than 1,500 pop) in NC
  • Random rural buildings
  • Missing hydrology
  • Road adjustments and misclassifications