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closed 3829939 Caprahircus


closed 2819675 shiftee

The new Kinsale library is under construction (just to west).
During construction this road to the car park is only accessible to pedestrians. When construction is finished the footpath can be deleted and access=no removed from service road

closed 1685944 shiftee

I think this section of road may be Cathedral Street

closed 3184520 Orla Dunleavy

The Pantry has moved location.

closed 3115502 shiftee

Is this one house or 2?

closed 3181422 Matyjace

Forwarding anonymous report from user, please verify: "its not here anymore"

closed 3034831 shiftee

The building geometry has changed and comes out in this direction over the road which becomes a building passage. It is not shown in imagery yet

closed 2561367 submitted note from a business:
name: Rebel Coffee Cork
phone: +353872546307
hours: Tuesday to Saturday
category: Coffee & Tea
address: 4 French Church Street Cork

open 3109021

Joan Lehane Montessori is located here.

closed 3109020

De La Salle College Macroom is located here.

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