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closed 3051253 scintlark

This cafe looks closed. Please survey and double-check.

open 3683568 scintlark

Seems like this PDSA shop has been closed recently. It needs to be double-checked to make sure it's not just being renovated.

open 3683565 scintlark

#surveyme almost every shop is different in this location nowadays

open 3658389 scintlark

#surveyme the construction has finished here. Please survey and map this area.

closed 3621179 scintlark

There's a building now - #updateme

open 3621180 scintlark

Add hospital buildings #todo

closed 1601969 fitzsimons

Is this still Ayr Academy?

closed 1948830 jambamkin

Is Lola's Love still located here?

open 3574221 scintlark

#surveyme what's inside this building?

open 3562533 scintlark

#surveyme find out what's in this building - is it residential?

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