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closed 67391 Totor

Many untagged ways here (Unfinished buildings ?)

closed 60045 Totor

Buildings are still lacking here

closed 60042 Totor

building problems

closed 15562

Jolibee Carmen

closed 67062

Moved from OSB ID586606:
area needs cleanup. too many secondary ways that should be downgraded. some of these are even residential [backpacking philippines, 2011-03-31 12:02:42 CEST]

closed 1440 seav

The name is "Emily" not "Emely" according to this changeset:

closed 21688

major homes subdivision sirang lupa

closed 10405

Residence Inn Tagaytay

closed 13931

Violy's Birthing Clinic

closed 13930

Rodriguez Drug Store

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