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open 2401260 sandos

A few missing forest roads here branching from the existing one

closed 3254872 sandos

This general area was redone when the built the new bridge, might need updating some paths.

closed 1907802 Jkuikka


open 2363338 sandos

Many paths here with potential MTB routes missing.

closed 3524189 Ranimatti


open 3054885

2 newly built apartment complexes
with the street adress: Babordsgatan 2, 72359 Västerås, please update this

closed 3532445 sandos

Missing central waterway

closed 3532443 sandos

Missing central waterway

closed 3254870 sandos

Max weight etc might not be correct for the bridge

closed 3494595 David Dean

Closed for construction

via StreetComplete 50.0

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