Mapper since:
September 18, 2020

Hey there, I’m Sahil aka sahilister on the internet. I started mapping due to lack of roads in my native village here in Himachal Pradesh, India. My initial goal was to map all the roads and places near my native place but it has since grown on to an obsession to add/edit/delete everything on OpenStreetMap.

Presently, I’m adding data (and Wikidata IDs) to existing institutions (school, colleges), methodology being browsing institutes website and adding data to OSM.

A Somewhat Plans

  • Chandigarh - schools - done
  • Chandigarh - colleges - kind of done
  • Panchkula - schools - in progress
  • Panchkula - colleges - in progress
  • Army Public Schools - data addition and cleaning
  • Kendriya Vidyalayas - data addition and cleaning
  • Central Universities - data addition and cleaning
  • State Universities - data addition and cleaning

When I’m bored with this data entry, you may find me:

  • either randomly selecting a highway and moving along it to find unmapped habitations to spend hours mapping those random roads
  • add/correct nodes by navigating through my own city
  • simply resolving notes
  • upgrading nodes.
  • adding foot ways
  • adding public surveillance camera

Know more about me at my website at