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Call for ideas from Microsoft

I would love to be able to extract admin boundaries and “auto-magically” merge them to get a unique and perfect boundary of the area, but I didn’t have time to search for existing solutions, and I don’t expect that there is one or that it would be easy to develop (but it would certainly be a great tool / library for the OSM community)

I’ve built a small query in overpass turbo but stopped after the easy part : querying multiple areas =>

Everyone : if you have any thoughs, processes of existing tools that might help, would you be kind enough to share them with me ? (even if the process isn’t fully automated)

Call for ideas from Microsoft

Here’s the christmas wishlist (a little late technically)

  1. A tool on a worldwide scale (and with better detection of true pedestrian dead-end, as this tool doesn’t take into account the connectivity of pedestrian ways with areas, so it has a lot of false positives) (

  2. An automated tool for the “arrogance of space” concept It’s not pure OSM but would likely require various data inputs (such as aerial imagery, and OSM data)

  3. Adapt the codebase of for internationalization

  4. Iterate on this tool to detect and map pedestrian crossings (maybe integrate and distribute it in a more user friendly and collaborative way so each local community can be empowered and follow the completion of pedestrian crossings integration in OSM)

  5. iOS version of StreetComplete (cf

  6. Integration of Panoramax ( in iD, JOSM, StreetComplete (and other major tools)

Call for ideas from Microsoft

@MxxCon have you tried to help with opening hours data ?