Mapper since:
November 08, 2021

Contact Information: If you have an issue with my mapping of a utility line or substation let me know and I can adjust it. However I would like to still have them mapped with the name, voltage and operator at a minimum. Thanks. If you are contacting me in a utility company capacity please let that be know. I will reach back out to you within a few days to a week at maximum. Thanks again!

Personal Information: I am a college student so I’m always up for learning new things.

Important Note: PJM is the grid advisor but they don’t own or manage any transmission stations or power lines.

I live in Denver Colorado mostly and I travel back home to Warren NJ

Utility/Power: For anyone with any questions for me regarding the recent utility/line upgrades I am passionate about mapping these out. All specific information has sources listed otherwise I make it known that the information is not correct, for example when I map my power lines I do so and make them correct using aerial and street level photos to make the line as accurate as possible and do research where possible to be certain especially for all substations and transmission level power lines.

Current Project: I’m working to map all the substations and higher distribution lines across Sussex county NJ and add Substations however I’ve decided to not add addresses given the recent events. Otherwise all available information will be added like voltages and operator. New Jersey Transmission Lines/Substation Mapping will continue to be a main project of mine. Another subset of the current projects is I came across a 34.5kv map for Monmouth County so will be using this map extensively to map this out includes a lot of substation names and lines locations a great resource. Check out my progress so far using the Open Infrastructure Map.