Mapper since: April 04, 2007

Hi. I'm Richard Moss, from Over, about 10 miles NW of Cambridge (UK).

It says I've been mapping since 2007, which isn't really true. I opened my account then, but only started doing OSM in 2009, when (the awesome) changed from its Cambridge network to a nationwide system based on OSM.

My primary reason for being here is to add information to help cyclists like me find good routes. But I am also enthused by the principle of contemporary data being in the public domain, readily updated by people on the ground.

I bought a Garmin Geko 201 GPS a couple of years ago in preparation for a cycling holiday in Ireland. In fact signposts were very good and I needn't have bothered. I use this, Olympus digital voice recorder + camera + pencil & paper to gather data. [Update Christmas 2010 - now have the eTrex Vista HCx]

When I was a student, we did surveying with theodolites, steel tapes and Dumpy Levels. Different now!