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Building is "United States Post Office and Court House", the "Dallas Post Office - Downtown Station" is located inside (and I assume courts). The building address is 400 North Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75201. This should all probably be a relation. Currently the building is an outline and the PO is a point sitting on top of it.

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Childrens Dentistry of Alrington

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bounds: (40.847,-85.6055 - 39.9055,-82.9413)
The location of the house I have for rent... the street is no longer labled Armand Court. It has been Davis Drive for going on 15 years in May 2014. This needs updated.

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No map change needed, this functionality is for noting needed changes to the map, not advertising,

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Name should be "Avenue N" as it is a Letter street and not N for North. Thanks.

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