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Where to go from here pt 2 over 12 years ago

I like OSMTrack.
It can upload straight from your iPhone to your OSM account.

OSM Live Ticker over 12 years ago

Very nice.

POI presets. almost 13 years ago

It is not possible to add more POI presets to your dashboard. But if you want to use POIs that are not in the list, you can add a node on the map and add the tags manually by typing them.
Also, when you want to map a building, it is better not use 'landuse=construction', but 'building=yes'.

Possible improvements for the data browser pages about 13 years ago

Would be nice.

Public transport overlay about 13 years ago

Very nice.

Now over thousand embassies tagged with country code about 13 years ago

Nice work.

Watching the map evolve over 13 years ago

Great work.

MapOSMatic (generate a city map for France only as of now) over 13 years ago

Very nice.