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Auto repair shop "Norm's Point"

via StreetComplete 33.1

closed 3873462 rchive

Norm's Point

via StreetComplete 53.3

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Expert Transmission

via StreetComplete 53.3

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"When going east on Morgan Street, navigation apps don't count turning onto Reuben Drive as a turn, leading users to possibly continue on Morgan Street when they're not meant to."
OSM snapshot date: 2022-10-29T18:47:05Z
POI name: East Morgan Street
POI types: psurface-paved_good highway-primary

closed 3374163 rchive

Why is this intersection of trail & footpath named?

closed 3443596 rchive

INDOT Fort Wayne District Administration

via StreetComplete 49.0

closed 1047161 rchive

This road is called Eagle River Run

closed 1047162 rchive

Cliffside Pass ends here and does not continue northwest

closed 1047163 rchive

This road is called Eagle River Run

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