Mapper since:
September 02, 2016

Hello πŸ‘‹

I’m Quincy Morgan (pronouns he/him), an American mapper based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I currently work part-time on software projects for OpenStreetMap US, the non-profit organization supporting the OSM community in the United States.

Formerly I was a full-time maintainer of iD, the default OSM web editor on My position was supported financially via a contract with the OpenStreetMap Foundation. From December 2018 to July 2020, my work on iD was supported via employment by Critigen (now Locana), which did not direct my work.

Prior to getting involved in OSM, I had a brief stint at Esri working on Swift apps. Before that I independently built Mapcaptain, an (abandoned) cartography app for Mac.

Feel free to get in touch 🀝

Find me on the web at…

  • GitHub – open source development
  • OSM US Slack (@quincylvania) – OpenStreetMap chat; you can invite yourself to join
  • Twitter – mostly map and train content
  • Wikipedia – edits about public transit, waterways, and other geographic places
  • Instagram – travel photos
  • YouTube – 4K GoPro videos of drives along scenic roads
  • LinkedIn – connect if we’ve interacted professionally

You may have run into me at…