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closed 2789815 AntV

New housing estate under construction. Heaton Way is main road leading in to estate

via StreetComplete 33.2

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closed 3704051 TheUKHighStreet

This store isn't listed on the Coral website. Is it closed?

closed 3689177 Leofric Legends Limited

The entire site is under development and the building is currently being demolished. St Chads, Lyric, Regency and Seaside are now both closed and are physically no longer there.

closed 2996189

The tram line is double track up to Hopton Road

closed 3338561

soon to become trampoline park and entertainment centre

closed 3673190

No, it was the former Hacketts hotel
which was on fire.
Maples hotel is still okay and open.

closed 3673179

The Maples Hotel does not exist anymore. It has been destroyed
by a fire in April 2023.

closed 3495773 AntV

Unable to answer "What surface does this piece of road have?" for via StreetComplete 50.0:

Steps 2 down stone to west

closed 2807118 MartinEvs66

Apple Bikes now closed. Owner Retired

closed 3140040 AntV

Doesn't connect Prom road with Dove Street but links to private underground car park

via StreetComplete 42.0

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