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closed 2750371

There is a new (ish) mini roundabout here (finished July 2019) please can someone update, that is the only change, Thanks.

closed 2602100 rkkapilk

I have modified the road class to cycle path based on internal driver feedback and OS Open data street view. As per bing aerial view, I have added barrier=bollard. If any local mapper has information regarding the barrier at this place, please tag it accordingly or please let me know, I will make the edits.


closed 328669 SomeoneElse

Needs a survey here. is presumably some sort of road. Is it a roundabout or a mini-roundabout? Presumably there aren't 4 surrounding mini-roundabouts (that's not unheard of - but looks unlikely here).

Also presumably the footpath to the west joins Hawkridge Drive? Survey needed for that too.

closed 871063 dmgroom_ct

seems very unlikely that there are 3 bridges here

closed 42696 SomeoneElse

This footpath presumably joins this road, but is it on the correct alignment? The imagery would suggest perhaps not.

closed 205180 medavox

wythenshawe town centre typo

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