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Private proprety path is closed

via StreetComplete 56.0

closed 4054165 plicploc

La passerelle n'existe plus suite à des inondations ,il n'est plus possible de traverser ici.

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closed 3889643 plicploc

This bridge is not there anymore (I Guess since 2021 floods)

via StreetComplete 54.0

closed 3981349 plicploc

Unable to answer "What type of surveillance camera is this?" for via StreetComplete 55.0:

It seems there is no caméra installed anymore

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closed 3814002 plicploc

Ponton en bois

via StreetComplete 53.3

closed 3889913 plicploc

This should be moved between streetnumber 7 & 6

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closed 3796282 plicploc

During last visit (july 2023) it was not possible to reach Thier-de-la-Chapelle from Rue Haute Folie using this path, too much vegetation/fallen trees.

via StreetComplete 53.3

closed 3779870 plicploc

Missing bus stop Line 378

via StreetComplete 53.2

open 2836416 plicploc

no street name? "Le champ Genet" according to Gmaps...

closed 2926385 plicploc

Unable to answer "Is there a shelter at the bus stop Tilleur Rue du Vieux Thier?" for via StreetComplete 37.0:

bus stop missing ?

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