Mapper since:
October 23, 2012
Current Projects:
  • Aug–Dec 2022: adding/updating cycling infrastructure in various US cities to improve accuracy for the PeopleForBikes Bicycle Network Analysis tool.
    • This is a remote editing project. If you are a local editor and find that I have incorrectly changed something, please reach out to me.
  • Editing around Baltimore, MD, nothing specific.
Completed Projects:
  • Adding separate sidewalks and crossings to Huntington, WV, USA.
    • Completed 2021-03-05.
  • Reviewing TIGER Roads in Huntington, WV, USA.
    • Completed 2021-03-11.
Abandoned Projects:
  • Adding buildings to Huntington, WV, USA.
    • 80.2% complete by area of city bounds.
  • Adding landuse to Huntington, WV, USA.
    • 38.4% complete by area of city bounds.
  • Adding traffic lights and stop signs to Huntington, WV, USA.
    • 38.9% complete of ~1492 intersections.

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