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February 05, 2008

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The behaviour of the OSMF, the new contributor terms and the new license are not good for us (the community). Please read this:

Decisions should be made by community votings or by a constitution elected by the community. Currently only members of a UK NGO can vote. 99,x% of the OSM-community-members are not member of the OSMF. If you want to be able to vote you have to pay 18€/a! Very undemocratic.

Further license changes can be done without asking you, if you are not very active or do not vote in a limited time. I think also non committing members should be allowed to vote. I.e. I lost my rights because my edit rights were blocked for a long time (until I had to accept the new CTs). And for sure I am a active member!

Last but not least the new license is bad for the community because produced works like tiles can be unfree. So a company can produce a map based on OSM-data and than sue you if you place a copy on your website/flckr/fb!