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open 2640827 petrv-earth

Looks like water stream outlet.

closed 2504278 petrv-earth

Neoznačená oblsast- je to mýtina nebo palouk nebo nesmysl?

open 2525261 petrv-earth

Park reconstruction is finished (2021/Q1) and park is open - lot of new objects present, not yet visible on aerial. Could use update.

closed 2497057 petrv-earth

Is there small parking space here ?

open 2508422 petrv-earth

Duplicate overlapping parking lots.

open 2504226 petrv-earth

Buildings without housenumbers.

closed 2502828 petrv-earth

Bench nbr pond slate mine

closed 2502791 petrv-earth

Bench w nobackrest

open 2501041 petrv-earth

Trail objects which are straight have many zigzag points, could probably use cleanup/straightening.

closed 2500442 petrv-earth

Creek plank crossing

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