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closed 2993387 peeweeke

niet echt rolstoel vriendelijk ...

via StreetComplete 38.2

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closed 2969723 peeweeke

Unable to answer "What diameter is specified on the sign for this fire hydrant?" for via StreetComplete 38.1:


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closed 2965754 peeweeke


via StreetComplete 38.1

closed 1773265 peeweeke

No entry

closed 1773242 peeweeke


closed 248009 peeweeke

busstop has been removed. (end of line)

closed 248010 peeweeke

parking has been enlarged.

closed 248012 peeweeke

rebuilt shop. has exits on other parkinglot.
needs remapping...

closed 229678

Afslaan verboden: Omkeren verboden
Reported using Wisepilot map reporter

closed 216119

Links abbiegen nicht möglich.

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