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Busroutes in Brugge about 3 years ago


In the past I have been in a dispute with Polyglot on the busroutes.

But you can decide with this info: I, PeeWeeke, have taken all the local busses in Bruges a few years ago and mapped the entire network that way. (on the ground) He, Polyglot, has overwritten all busdata with his import of the data of De Lijn.

An import is fast and good if the data is recent ... but it wasn't. My estimate is that it was at least 5 years old. (Recent import seems to more accurate.)

I did mention old removed busstops and the long forgotten combined routes (80). I did contact Polyglot about this matter numerous times. I did explain that the information he uses is old. I even ask him to exclude the Bruges region out of his script as I would keep an eye on the situation on the ground.

So, I don't feel like cooperating soon with a user who doesn't check his sources.

Sorrry :(


ATMs in Belgium about 3 years ago

I didn't know this was causing legal problems.

Let me explain my way of doing this. As the website maintained by the bank itself is the most correct, I get a list of the branches. I do NOT simply import the data found there. I input that address in AGIV and draw the house and add the bank-tag. Addionally I add the address-information. To aid me I often have to put the housenumber information of the whole street.

I know that information on a banker's website is under copyright law, but does it really stretch to the addresses of their offices? You would guess they want you to copy this. :)

I have been a member of the mailinglists, and now a few days ago I have added me to the mailinglist again, but no result yet. (I found the confirmationmail in my spam ...)

Kind Regards,


PS: Do we really have to be so blunt in our communication? Everybody makes mistakes no?