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Potlatch & Gnash = :( over 12 years ago

Ah... Looks like Lightspark doesn't support it yet:

Potlatch & Gnash = :( over 12 years ago

Gnash doesn't understand ActionScript 3, but there is a project Lightspark. I really don't know, but it may work...

GPS traces uploaded but not edited over 12 years ago

Yes, these traces definitely will be useful for anyone editing in that area.

hmm almost 13 years ago

I see your edits are very recent. Just give it some time and your objects will be visible in couple days. In week or so it should be visible in all zoom levels.

Enjoy the movie around the world almost 13 years ago


NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Multibyte over 13 years ago

I get this error pretty frequently also...

November 28th 2009 over 13 years ago

I noticed that your added towers doesn't have any tags... You should tag them at least as building=yes.

My first international edits over 13 years ago

Most of your newly added way doesn't have any tag...

P.S. I have removed couple overlapping ways you added.

A little set-back over 13 years ago

So what is the model of your capture card?
If PCI, then what lspci says about it?
If USB, then what lsusb says about it?