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closed 3570728 pardthemonster

Is there a tunnel for golf cart path in way of road?

open 3077258 pardthemonster

Missing Street Name

open 3077257 pardthemonster

Missing Street Name

open 3018405 pardthemonster

Lots of duplicate buildings/addresses imported as Suffolk and Chesapeake. Looks like nuance with boundary and should be possibly Chesapeake even though North of boundary. Someone knowledgeable with area know?

open 3591219 pardthemonster

There are lots of disconnected roads and various imagery depicting changes to roadways. Road area needs updates from construction. Can anyone in this area validate what is the latest imagery to reflect construction or resolve?

closed 3576983 pardthemonster

Is the Northampton Driving Range still open?

closed 3576986 pardthemonster

Is the Heath Tres Par 3 Golf Course still open?

open 3300369 pardthemonster

Does this road have a name?

open 3148572 pardthemonster

Does anyone know what this pavement is for?

closed 3077259 pardthemonster

Missing Street Name

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