Mapper since:
November 16, 2018

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Where I map

Mainly in Venezuela and Spain

How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?

My OSM Heat Map

Editors I use:

  1. iD
  2. StreetComplete
  3. JOSM
  4. RapiD
  5. Vespucci
  6. Osm Go!
  7. Every Door

Apps with OSM I like:

  • Organic Maps
  • OsmAnd
  • Magic Earth


Closing notes in Venezuela

Ongoing Project of Editing:

With help of


Personal notes: Community Openstreetmap

Wiki OSM Venezuela

  • Overpass Turbo configurado para Parques Nacionales en Venezuela.

{{geocodeArea:Venezuela}}->.Venezuela; relationboundary=national_park; out geom;

Climate TRACE:

Web para ver parques nacionales:

Web Map interesante:

Facil Map

Map Complete

Organización contra el cambio climático

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