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closed 3784013 oskini

Oneway only!

closed 2699984 nobbelfludd

Unable to answer "What surface do these steps have here?" for via StreetComplete 31.0:

Das ist irgendein festes Gestein, Granit oder sowas.

open 4016751 oskini

Keine öffentliche Tankstelle! Reine Firmentankstelle!

closed 3976006 oskini

Einbahnstraße falsch herum

closed 3792693 oskini

this village is spelled Beth instead of Bet

open 3955822 oskini

Unable to answer "Which customers visit this hairdresser?" for via StreetComplete 54.1:


open 3955816 oskini

Unable to answer "What’s the house number of this building?" for via StreetComplete 54.1:

Ist Teil des Philippinum Gymnasiums

closed 2970008 oskini

Unable to answer "What type of bicycle barrier is this?" for via StreetComplete 38.1:

Hat eine einseitige Barriere

open 3772903 oskini

Barrier/gate on the road

closed 3721279 oskini

Einbahnstraße! Nicht vom Parkplatz aus Richtung Brunnenstraße befahrbar

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