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closed 4129883 ohmanger

what is this? Looks like a school

closed 3882223 Eliiia

bicycles are encouraged by signs to join this area from the cycle lane. cycleway to north-west needs to be confirmed/fixed and needs to be continued through this area.

open 4180702 ohmanger

"Drive through" for collection of ice cream. Also has room for a picnic and a water. Probably should be mapped as a separate attraction as not accessible to people inside the park

open 4119342 ohmanger

Is it still an active church or converted into residential?

open 4102443 ohmanger

Should be a horse access gate here

open 4095348 ohmanger

If I remember correctly there are steps from the carpark to the Tanners yard here. Likely permissive.

closed 926933 Renee van Baar

New residential area - Persimmon Homes and David Wilson Homes

closed 3839891 trigpoint

Hear tell there is a new entrance to the park and ride.
Survey needed.

closed 4036090 trigpoint

missing building

closed 4014714 TheUKHighStreet

This store doesn't exist on the William Hill website - has it closed?

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