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closed 2532049 nickw

I do not recognise this 'ROMAN ROAD' as a footpath or right of way. If it's just the course of a Roman road, it should not be tagged as a footpath.

However, I have not visited this area since summer 2018 so it is conceivable that a new right of way has been added. TODO - check.

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago
open 2477709 nickw

At some point a footpath here (FP 1094) has been removed from OSM. Starting at the farm access road to the north, it runs immediately to the east of the byway, joining it just north of the byway/footpath/bridleway crossing to the south.

Maybe this path has closed permanently but I am not sure. Needs someone in the area to investigate.

about 2 years ago about 2 years ago
open 2276142 nickw

Connectivity of power line looks wrong. I know that one 33kv power line leads from Elmers Marsh substation to Langley substation; a second, separate line into Langley, close by the original, has been added in recent years which is presumably the one southeast of here. This second line would, I imagine, also originate at Elmers Marsh.

over 2 years ago over 2 years ago
closed 1591335 nickw

Path continues to the east/SE of the summit and joins one of the nearby tracks.

about 4 years ago over 2 years ago
closed 1364542 is admin_centre of

almost 5 years ago almost 3 years ago
closed 1525846

I have added a number of street names in Litochoro using Roman script. Greek-alphabet names needed for these.

over 4 years ago almost 3 years ago
closed 1580106 nickw

more a firebreak than a particularly usable path

over 4 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 1742249 nickw

path to left of stream

almost 4 years ago almost 4 years ago
closed 1580232 nickw

path sw of here

over 4 years ago about 4 years ago
closed 1580156 nickw

none of the dense network of paths crossing the path which heads east of here exist

over 4 years ago about 4 years ago

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