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closed 4100298 niccokunzmann

This does not look like a sports area to me. It is more a junk yard when I look at the satellite image. I do not know if this is the case though!

open 3862733 niccokunzmann

Baum versperrt den Weg.

open 3862732 niccokunzmann

Der Asphaltpfad beginnt hier. Der Rest ist fester Sand.

open 3731756 niccokunzmann

there is no bridge any more. the farm track ends

open 2990234 niccokunzmann

here are houses now

open 2990233 niccokunzmann

There are several houses.

closed 2279322 niccokunzmann

gate, strictly no access except for permit holders, swlakestrust

closed 2279320 niccokunzmann


open 2285704 niccokunzmann

public foot path starts

open 2279312 niccokunzmann

There seems to be a public way across the field

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