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closed 2142859 n76

No idea what "retag" is supposed to mean here. Took a look at area and other than missing details (footways, etc.) looks like reasonable tagging.

closed 2085341

Public park located in this area

closed 1838180

There is a missing trail at this location.

closed 956779

Before Westgate is divided into two streets, there is also a gate (gated community).

closed 2085342

Public park

closed 2142855 n76

Community center and park were in map but could use improvement. Added some buildings, walkways, etc.

closed 2085343

Public park

closed 157661 Brian@Brea

Roads in the area need to be fixed. Many are tracks and simple ways. It also looks like privet property

closed 992911

Snack Shack

closed 1841643

No longer parking lot. It is under construction, and is currently a 20 ft deep hole, as they're building a resort here.

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