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closed 3992148 mstock

The situation here seems to recently have changed, I already moved one of the bus stops and the crossing, however, I don't remember much more details, but according to aerial imagery and my memory, there's now also a cycleway on the other side of the street which is accompanied by a way for pedestrians which can be used to walk to the Wijtvliet bus stop.

open 3992136 mstock

It seems like the situation here has recently changed, this track seems to be more like a service highway now and likely was also moved a bit, the sand areas are probably gone or got turned into shingle, etc. I already connected the service highway on the embankment to the track, as they are connected now, but don't remember enough details to update much more.

closed 1572861 mstock

There was some construction work around here, with new highways and paths, shops, a restaurant and parking. I've added some POIs already, but a closer survey is necessary.

closed 3206663 benni347

Neue gebäude wo noch nicht hinzugrfügt wind 3 stück

via StreetComplete 43.2

closed 2915205

Hier entsand ein neuer Fussweg. Wird im Quartier sowieso rege gebaut. Einige Gebäude dürften auch noch fehlen (östlich/südlich dieses Punktes).

closed 2915195

Die Postauto-Haltestelle liegt etwa an dieser Position, nicht wie eintragen östlich bei Engwangerstrasse 23/24.

closed 2921934 oakbike

Neubau Kreisverkehr erstellt.

via StreetComplete 37.0

closed 2906154 oakbike

Neuer Kreisverkehr

via StreetComplete 36.1

closed 2914361

Schloss Wellenberg 3, 8500 Frauenfeld

closed 2914362

Schloss Wellenberg 4, 8500 Frauenfeld

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