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HI, this is no longer a hospital or day unit of any form. It has now been developed into residential flats, but they were forced to keep the front of the building as the war memorial. It is supposed to also have some apartments for ex forces/veterans etc as that was the sites intended purpose when purchased by public funds.
SO actually, I have no idea who had the right to sell it off in the force place!

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Roundabot does not form complete circle anymore, there are barriers between the two carriageways of the a4241

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ADDRESS: 3 Old Rock & Fountain

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Address: 2 Old Rock & Fountain

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Address: 1 Old Rock & Fountain

closed 3339673 MapSeaDee

Unable to answer "Do you have to pay to park here?" for via StreetComplete 45.2:

Car park is split into upper and lower part. Lower part is free, upper is paid

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This is Ashbeg Grove. Don't you know?

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Is there a street here (to SW of Viscount's Restaurant)

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check this road, please. Is this part of the road open for the drivers?

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