Mapper since:
September 06, 2015


I started mapping in 2015 through a workshop arranged by Save the Children International in Bangladesh. Since then I never stopped. I have worked on projects by American Red Cross, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Save the Children, and Tanzania Development Trust. I also designed the logo for OSMBD.

I have been working with Save the Children International in Bangladesh for the last 8 years in various capacities, mainly as the Creative Services Lead, GIS focal, product and project manager, product designer, field activities manager, data collection manager, and OSM mapper and advocate. One of my key products is Kolorob where I functioned as a product designer and a remote mapper. Kolorob utilized OSM as its base layer. This project made me passionate about GIS which resulted in a master in GIS.

You can read the details of my OSM journey in this wiki.

I map regularly simply because I love doing it. I mainly map areas that are poorly mapped or not on the map at all. I love taking an unmapped village or city and then completely mapping it.