Mapper since:
September 06, 2015


I started mapping in 2015 through a workshop arranged by Save the Children International in Bangladesh. Since then I never stopped. I have worked on projects by American Red Cross, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Save the Children, and Tanzania Development Trust. I also designed the logo for OSMBD.

I have been working with Save the Children International in Bangladesh for the last 7 years in various capacities, mainly as a product and project manager, product designer, field activities manager, data collection manager, and OSM mapper and advocate. One of my key products is Kolorob where I functioned as a product designer and a remote mapper. Kolorob utilized OSM as its base layer. This project made me passionate about GIS which resulted in a master in GIS.

I remotely mapped building footprints of 15 wards of Dhaka and developed full road network for Kolorob project. You can see the time lapse here. Later on in the project, I utilized OSM and Field Paper along with a custom made data collection app to plan data collection of the entire Dhaka city (129 wards) which resulted in 34,000 service points’ verified information.

I developed a small tutorial series on the basics of mapping with OSM.

I map regularly simply because I love doing it. I mainly map areas that are poorly mapped or not on the map at all. I love taking an unmapped village or city and then completely mapping it. Most recently I mapped the city of Kikwit (which took around 1.5 years) and surrounding areas. You can see the post here.