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closed 3790476 mkopinsky

The houses here have addresses on Windridge Drive, but the street is called Windridge Road. Which is correct?

closed 3790475 mkopinsky

The house addresses say Cobble Hill Meadows Road, but the road is simply Cobble Hill Meadows. Which is correct?

closed 3937678 mkopinsky

27 steps (concrete) from parking lot to asphalt path

via StreetComplete 54.1

closed 3937470 mkopinsky

54 steps down from sidewalk

via StreetComplete 54.1

open 3937469 mkopinsky

Bus stop for shuttle to Hershey park

via StreetComplete 54.1

closed 3934674 Mateusz Konieczny

name=Moxie Blue Salon

shop=salon ? Is it shop=beauty or shop=hairdresser by any chance? If shop=salon is intentional - what it means?

closed 3911363 Mateusz Konieczny

shop=farmers_market ? What kind of shop, if any is here? Is it intentionally used instead of and ? If yes, what is the difference? Should we document this shop value as distinct, valid and useful?

closed 3906590 CurlingMan13

This can't be the best wat to map this.

closed 2168673 JessAk71

all of fairmount park should be removed from road centerlines to make histories of rd changes and park changes clearer...

closed 3880030

Better location for "Tiger at Bay" statue.

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