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Mapper since:
November 18, 2007
Last map edit:
June 19, 2024

Michael Luethi

I was born in Switzerland and lived (and travel) in different countries. I speak German (Swiss German), English, French and Spanish fluently. Mapping and open data is a key to open real and digital doors to the world.

Areas of special interest

1. Public Transportation & GTFS

I was involved creating the first bus map of Managua, Nicaragua (approx. 2 million people) Creating public transportation network based on open data is a key to improve live in emerging countries.

2. Parks and Recreation

Moving from NYC to Locust Valley on Long Island, I realized that most public parks are hardly mapped. I think OSM has great tools to provide good maps about parks and historical sites.


Mapillary collects street-view photos and helps to improve OSM. The Mapillary app proved to be very useful with a 360 degree spherical camera. Unfortunately the high resolution cameras are still very expensive, but this will change in the coming months.

4. Central America

I lived from 2012-2015 in Nicaragua. Since then, I’m always interested in mapping projects improving the economic and political situation for people living in these countries.